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Occasionally, hydronic controls are subjected to high traffic, theft, vandalism, or higher than normal temperatures due to steam or hot water releasing from valves that need servicing.  Normally this requires replacement of both the internal valve assembly and the control itself.  


If the housing has been tampered with, the control may require recalibration.  Refer to the control installation and operating instructions for recalibration instructions.

Maintenance Parts

In some cases, however, part of the control can be replaced rather than the full assembly.  Ammark provides the following maintenance parts for your controls:

76N-AK -  Includes actuator, actuator housing, and connecting nut.  Fits control types 76N, 76NL, 66, 66L .

63Bulb - Includes plastic cage and screws for bulb protection.  Fits control types 73N, 73NXL, 63, 63XL.

Valve Servicing

If your control requires replacement or maintenance due to a valve that requires servicing, please refer to our valve maintenance information.