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Water Filter Parts and Accessories
wpe2.jpg (1455 bytes) WMPG Pressure Gauge.   Displays outgoing pressure.  Standard on Models BW-PRV and SF-PRV.
HCPG Pressure Gauge (for use with BW-HC)
wpe3.jpg (1495 bytes) SFBAG 20 m Filter Bag.   Standard maintenance replacement filter bag for Models SF and SF-PRV.
wpe4.jpg (1483 bytes) WMPRV Pressure Regulator.  Repair replacement for Models BW-PRV and SF-PRV.  Outlet pressure range of 21-85 psi.  Factory set to 60 psi.
wpe5.jpg (1632 bytes) BWFC20 20 m Filter Cartridge Repair replacement filter cartridge for Models BW and BW-PRV.
BWFC90 90 m Filter Cartridge

minifc100.jpg (54997 bytes)

MINFC100 100 m Filter Cartridge Standard maintenance replacement filter cartridge for Model SF-MINI.
wpe6.jpg (1813 bytes) BWVSH Backwash Control Valve with standard handle Repair replacement backwash control valve for Models BW and BW-PRV.
BWVEH Backwash Control Valve with electronic handle
wpe7.jpg (2280 bytes) WMIK Installation Kit. Supplied with all filters.   Includes installation wrench, four set screws and gasket for attaching filter to flange.
wpe8.jpg (1603 bytes) WMW Filter Bowl Wrench.  Standard with Models SF and SF-PRV.  May be used with all models.
wpe9.jpg (1546 bytes) BV.5 " Ball Valve Two-piece, bronze body
BV.75 " Ball Valve
BV.100 1" Ball Valve
BV.125 1 " Ball Valve