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A Versatile Whole-House Sediment Filtering and Pressure Regulating Solution

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Ammark specializes in sediment removal, the first step in insuring that the supply of water to any home is clean and healthy. 

Our whole-house filters are installed at the point of entry to protect piping, appliances, and fixtures from the damaging effects of sediment.  Since our filters require less time and money to maintain, they also make excellent pre-filters for point of use filters, water softeners, and other water treatment equipment.

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Designed for Flexible and Easy Installation

All Water Manager models can be installed on either vertical or horizontal water lines using the universal flange.  Installation is quick and easy.  Simply join the flange to the pipe and attach the filter to the flange.  The universal flange is supplied with unions on inlet and outlet and is available in pipe connection sizes " to 2".

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