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Heating Applications
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Heating Dimensions
Valves and Controls for Hydronic Heating Systems

Get control of your energy bills!  

Save money without compromising comfort with the installation of Ammark's electric and non-electric hydronic valves and controls.  With our thermostatic flow controls you manage the amount of heat entering the room, so you avoid costly overheating. 

cover.jpg (76585 bytes) Our control products for hydronic heating systems may be applied to hot water, steam, and chilled water systems.   Choose from:

Air sensing non-electric controls

Water sensing non-electric controls

Electric/ electronic control

And our controls fit any of our valves...

Two-pipe Water and Steam valves in " to 1 " two-way straight, angle, and side angle configurations

One-pipe Steam valves in 1" and 1 " two-way angle configurations

Pressure Regulating Valves in "  two-way angle configuration

Combine various Ammark's controls and valves to apply to a wide variety of applications:

Control the output of almost any type of heating surface...



Sections of Baseboard...

Radiant Panels...

Floor Circuits

Set-point control of supply water temp to distribution loops
Water to air heat exchange
Hot water storage
Differential pressure regulation


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