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Frequently Asked Questions...and their Answers

1Q How to tell the difference between Type 6 and Type 7 valves
2Q Compatibility of Type 6 valves and Type 7 controls
3Q Interchangeability of parts and accessories
What are the maintenance parts for Type 6 and Type 7 valves
Installation and Operating Instructions for Type 6 Valves

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1Q:  How do I determine whether the Ammark valve I have installed is a Type 6 or a Type 7 valve?

1A:  Type 6 valves have a heart cast into the valve body and have been sold since 1997.  Type 7 valves have "SYR" cast into the valve body.  Type 7 valves were sold between 1971 and 1998.  See photos below.

Type 6 Valves have a heart on the casting

hrt.jpg (51187 bytes)

Type 7 Valves have "SYR" on the casting

syr1.jpg (41253 bytes)

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2Q:  Can a Type 6 control be used on a Type 7 valve, and visa versa?

2A:  Yes, the controls are compatible between the two types of valves by adding or removing the adapter: Type 7 controls may be used with Type 6 valves by simply discarding the adapter supplied with Type 7 controls.  The adapter must be added to install a Type 6 control on a Type 7 valve (see part# ADAPT).

The adapter is not needed to mount a control on a Type 6 valve.  Order Type 6 control or Type 7 control and discard the adapter.

The adapter is needed to mount a control on a Type 7 valve.  Order Type 7 control or Type 6 control + part # ADAPT.

adapt.jpg (49039 bytes)hrt.jpg (51187 bytes)

adapt.jpg (49039 bytes)syr1.jpg (41253 bytes)

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3Q:  Are the valve service parts and tools interchangeable between the two lines?

3A:  No, each valve line has its own, non-interchangeable tools and service parts, as shown in the table below.

Part #


Valve Type


IVA.5 " Internal Valve Assembly 6 May be replaced using an adjustable or socket wrench.  Specify valve size when ordering.
IVA.75 " Internal Valve Assembly 6
IVA.100 1" Internal Valve Assembly 6
ICT IVA Change Tool 6 Use to replace IVA with system under pressure.
CIVA Complete Internal Valve Assembly 7 Need part # IT to replace.   Fits any size Type 7 valve.
IO Insert Only 7 May be replaced with system under pressure using an adjustable or socket wrench.  Fits any Type 7 valve.
IT Installation Tool 7 Required to replace part # CIVA.

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