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Parts and Accessories - Type 6 and Type 7

Do I have type 6 or type 7 valves?

Tell me how to maintain my valves

Ammark Control and Valve - Type 6 - Maintenance Parts and Accessories

atc.jpg (40410 bytes)


Anti-theft collar.   Fits any Type 6 control.  Locks around control to prevent unauthorized removal.

ict.jpg (28397 bytes)


IVA Tool.  Use with any Type 6 valve.  Allows removal/ installation of IVA while system is under pressure.

rclip.jpg (36188 bytes)


Retaining clips (qty 20).   Use with type 63 or 66 control.  Neatly secure capillary tubing to wall or molding.

adapt.jpg (49039 bytes)


Adapter.  Allows Ammark Type 6 controls to mount on any Ammark Type 7 valve.

adapt.jpg (49039 bytes) ADAPT-BG Adapter - Bell and Gossett.  Allows any Ammark Type 6 control to mount on any Bell and Gossett thermostatic radiator Valve.
adapt-danf.jpg (39488 bytes) ADAPT-DANF Adapter - Danfoss.  Allows any Ammark Type 6 control to mount on any Danfoss Model RA 2000 Valve.
adapt-taco.jpg (40062 bytes) ADAPT-TACO Adapter - Taco / Heimeier.  Allows any Ammark Type 6 control mount on any Taco or Heimeier thermostatic radiator valve.
blbgrd.jpg (26772 bytes) BLBGRD Bulb Guard.  Use with Type 63 Control.  Steel guard protects sensing bulb.
iw.jpg (30152 bytes) IW.5 Immersion Well.  Insert sensor into pipe/ tank.  Use with Type 63C20 or 63C40 Control.  8 " x " NPT.
iva.jpg (43562 bytes) IVA.5 " Internal Valve Assembly
IVA.75 " Internal Valve Assembly
IVA.100 1" Internal Valve Assembly


Ammark Valve Type 7 Maintenance Parts and Accessories

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Complete Internal Valve Assembly. Fits all Type 7 valve types and sizes.  Includes disk, stem, and seals.

io.jpg (38969 bytes)


Valve Insert.  CIVA subassembly includes valve stem and seals only.   May be exchanged with valve under pressure.  Fits all Type 7 valve types and sizes.

it.jpg (38943 bytes)


Installation Tool.  Tool to remove/ install CIVA.